Secret Weapon For A Great School Year


One secret weapon to a great school year is balance. For children to perform their best this school year, parents should ensure they get a good night’s sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and have plenty of opportunity for exercise. EXERCISE Parents and educators alike can agree that kids need time to play outside. Outside play stimulates both the mind and the body, promotes better attention and focus in the classroom, and gives kids a much-needed outlet to release energy. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees, calling recess “a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development.” Studies show it offers important [...]

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6 Tips For A Successful School Year


As the new school year unfolds, the time is ripe to consider some important tips about creativity, productivity, and well-being so as to inspire parents and kids. Please see these tips for fortifying kids’ capacities now, and throughout the school year. 1. Creativity develops over time, with the right kinds of learning opportunities, challenges, and supports. People are at their most creative when they’re doing what they love to do. Help children harness that enjoyment by finding their own niches and experiential pleasures, and support them in following their interests as they change over time. 2. Resourcefulness furthers intellectual growth, and [...]

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How Back To School Tutoring Can Make This Year Your Best


Getting a tutor as or before school gets underway can kick your child's learning into high gear after summer! Beyond helping your children comprehend what they’re learning or will be learning in school, tutors play a much more critical role in setting the foundations necessary to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Our experienced after school tutors can teach study skills, can make learning fun and teach to fit your child’s learning style. This can help your child or teen get used to school quicker and start the year ahead! Getting A In-Home Tutor As School Starts Will Make This Year [...]

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How Tutoring Can Help Close The COVID 19 Achievement Gap


As parents, you know all too well that remote learning and the hybrid approach are just not the same for your children as being in school face-to-face with teachers and peers. Since March of 2020, school felt like a car that needed some serious work. It started and stopped, it started and stopped, in that in-person school suddenly converted to full remote learning then a hybrid, followed by in-person, then rinse and repeat. Obviously, this hasn’t been good for learning or socialization, the two key markers for school success. After a school year in which many of the nation's approximately 56 [...]

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5 Ways Tutoring Makes Home Life Easier


HOW DOES LESS STRESS SOUND? “I love working a full day, having no time to decompress, and staying up late to make sure my daughter finishes her homework,” said no parent ever. Work/life balance has always been difficult to achieve even before the pandemic, and while stress has become second nature to so many of us, wouldn’t it be great to alleviate some? This is where tutoring comes in. Sure, tutoring improves your child’s grades and confidence at school, but it can also help improve life at home. Quite often, troubles at school end up translating to tension at home, which impacts EVERYONE under your [...]

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